Prisma Innovative Thermosiphonic System

With polymeric material Colofast® (BASF®)

The creation of the Prisma® thermosiphon system makes all of us, at Calpak, very proud. It is an innovative system that stands out for its technology and manufacturing qualities.

Prisma’s smart production platform is fully automated with new robotic systems that are centrally controlled through 5G technology and AI algorithms. It has been acknowledged by the Greek press as one of the most modern production platforms in the country.

The Prisma collector that performs at a high standard and the well built hot water tank that has an impressive durability, ensure an efficient solar heater that will deliver ample hot water for long!

What makes it Innovative?

The polymeric material Colofast® (BASF®) that is used in its production; a world first achievement.


Where has the Colofast® material been applied to date?

It has been used by the biggest automobile manufactur- ers in the world for the manufacturing of the car sunroofs.


What are its features and what value does it offer to the Prisma® collector?

  • Perfect adhesion with glass and metal, which makes it ideal for their strong bonding
  • Great torsional rigidity and, therefore, robustness throughout the structure
  • Absolute waterproofing
  • Perfect finish


How is the Prisma® collector produced in the Calpak factory?

It is produced by a fully automated production line, which includes 5 robotic arms and high-tech machines.


What are the benefits of an automated production line?

It ensures absolute standardization of the production process and, therefore, the assurance of high quality.