Service Beyond the Sale: Your Satisfaction, Our Commitment

After Sales Service

After-Sales Excellence

At Fleifel, After-Sales Excellence is in Our DNA. We Go Beyond the Sale, Offering Installations, Training, Maintenance, and Hassle-Free Returns to Ensure Your Complete Satisfaction.

Our relentless dedication to your satisfaction extends long after the sale, making us your trusted partner for a seamless and worry-free experience.

Product Warranty
(Manufacturer Warranty)

All goods at Fleifel are guaranteed against industrial errors for varying periods depending on the type of the product. For example, Belgium and Italian boilers are guaranteed for ten calendar years and Greek solar heaters are guaranteed for five calendar years.

Maintenance Speed

Our commitment to swift response times means that we will address any maintenance request from our customers within 24-hours of their contact during official working days. Your satisfaction is our top priority.

availability of spare parts & maintenance

Our commitment to customer satisfaction goes beyond just providing high-quality products; it extends to ensuring that your investment continues to serve you efficiently. That's why we maintain a robust inventory of spare parts for all our products, ensuring their availability year-round.

Maintenance Contracts

Fleifel company offers long-term maintenance contracts for all our products, complete with agreed-upon time intervals and periodic maintenance schedules. These contracts are designed to ensure the ongoing efficiency and optimal performance of your product for an extended period.

Specialized Staff

We have a dedicated technical team of experts who specialize in our products. They are equipped with the latest tools and devices to conduct thorough inspections, ensuring efficient and time-saving maintenance and installations.