Clivet split ductable air conditioner

12,000 - 24,000 BTU

The internal unit of the Clivet ductable air conditioner DUCT 2 is mounted in a hidden position, generally in a false ceiling and the air is diffused into the room through a special ventilation opening. The advantages of ductable air conditioners consist in particular of the possibility of air conditioning the rooms without the internal unit being visible, to the full advantage of aesthetics and the possibility of using the walls for our furnishings. It follows that, with the installation of a built-in air conditioner, there is well-being but there is not … the air conditioner. This indoor unit is used together with inverter outdoor units to create combinations of multi-split and light commercial air conditioners.

The built-in air conditioner allows you to use the maximum imagination to the architecture of the environments where it is installed. Its “invisible” presence makes it possible to air-condition the rooms easily thanks also to the small size of the internal units which have a particularly slim and compact structure and which integrate perfectly into the most unlikely places in the room. Suitable for installation anywhere: in homes, commercial activities, offices and hotel environments.

Main Specifications:
  • Capable to be installed in various applications that requires static pressure of 160 Pa (48/60K).
  • New eccentric fan design improves the airflow at the air outlet, resulting better performance.
  • The industry lowest height is designed to be fitted into tight roof space.
  • You can pull out the filter from left, right, or from the bottom for easy cleaning.
  • The frame size of air inlet in rear and bottom is the same. It’s very easy to switch to match different applications.