Saint Roch Commodore Superior Cast Iron Boilers

Fully Made In Belgium Assembled In Location Due To Its Size

The Commodore boiler satisfies a large number of industrial and collective applications. It is tough and has a cast iron combustion chamber with a 10 years guarantee.

The Commodore is economic and can be equipped with a forced draught oil or gas burner. Ideal for building up an Ecogroup cell and operates at sliding temperature.

Available in 10 different models ranging from 200 to 595 kW

Saint Roch Hypoeutectic Cast Iron. Operates with oil or gas forced draught burners.

  • 92-93 % efficiency on net calorific values.
  • Operates at low or sliding temperatures.
  • Resistant to condensation.
  • 6 bar working pressure.
  • 5 pass smoke cycle.
  • Refractory corde between elements.
  • Ideal for collective applications
  • (Ecogroupage).
  • Wide range of optional control panels.
  • Economic/Energy Saving/Eco-Friendly.
  • 10 Year Guarantee.