Biasi gas boilers premium

output range 24, 28 & 32 kW

RinNova Premium is the wall-mounted boiler for heating and the production of DHW. It is available with a sealed chamber with a complete output range (24, 28 and 32 kW). RinNova Premium is suitable for any house, from a villa to a small apartment.

Biasi has developed an innovative digital control panel, a simple user interface with a list of useful information for the user as well as immediate programming procedures to be used by the installer.

This new and modern design and the compact dimensions of the whole range make RinNova Premium suitable to be installed in any environment.

Main Features

  • High efficiencies (sealed chamber model ★★★ conforming to Efficiency Directive 92/42 EEC and Legislative Decree 311/06)
  • High circulation, laminar primary copper heat exchanger
  • DHW exchanger with stainless steel plates
  • Protection rating IPX5D (sealed models)
  • Integration with BIASI solar system by means of solar kit
  • Innovative digital control panel with graphic interface and keys
  • Analog pressure reading
  • Provision for remote control and external probe