Thermosyphonic Solar Systems

Capacity 150 - 500 Liter

Interplast Thermosiphonic Solar Systems are used in solar heating systems to heat water. The water is heated passively by solar energy and relies on heat energy being transferred from the sun to a solar collector. The heat from the collector can be transferred to water directly where water circulates through the collector and the heat convection allows for the movement of the heated liquid out of the solar collector to be replaced by colder liquid which is in turn heated. Due to this principle, it is necessary for the water to be stored in a tank above the collector.

  • Selective absorber made from aluminum strip sheet for higher heat transfer in low temperatures. 
  • Back from galvanized sheet metal for high corrosion resistance (humid climates, coastal areas).
  • Insulation of the collector made of 30 mm thick rock wool on the back and 15mm thick on the sides for higher performance at low temperatures.

Models Capacity

500 Liters Capacity

300 Liters Capacity

200 Liters Capacity

150 Liters Capacity