Villa Project In Amman

Biasi Boiler (Wall Hung Gas Boiler), manufactured in Italy works on gas imported by Fleifel for heating cooling & sanitary ware.


1) Fuel saving as boiler unit is mounted inside the house to limit heat loss in cold temperatures, no hot water cylinder  is needed as hot water is supplied directly and instantly through the boiler itself.

2) Boiler can be used for heating the house and water, also can be customized to only heat water in summer time. The boiler contains two separate heat exchangers for hot water and heating, thus giving it the longest life span possible in addition to protection against calcification.

3) Low installation cost; all in one system burner, pump and expansion ball.

4) Low cost of the monthly gas bill since it is economical with the possibility of operating on gas cylinders.

5) Three years warranty.

6) Ease of maintenance, availability of spare parts with a full team working around the clock to meet the needs of customers.

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