Interplast manufactures plastic pipes and fittings to the very highest specifications, for use in water supply, heating and sewerage systems and covering a broad range of applications in the areas of house construction, technical projects, and industrial facilities. The company aims to design, develop and market products and integrated solutions that cover the needs of modern construction and improve quality of life, by building a relationship of trust between the technical world and the consumer public.

Comopex Oxygen Barrier

Como-pex Oxygen Barrier Particularly for central heating and underfloor heating installations (closed circuits), Interplast manufactures Cross Linked Polyethylene pipe with an oxygen barrier.

The Como-pex Oxygen Barrier pipe consists of 3 layers:

-Inner layer of Cross Linked Polyethylene

-Bonding layer for better adhesion of EVOH to the main pipe

-Oxygen Barrier layer (EVOH-ethylene vinyl alcohol polymer)

Underfloor heating, considered by many as an innovation in the field of heating applications, is a technique that first appeared in classical antiquity using logs as fuel and air flowing through underground channels as the medium of convection, It is based on the circulation of hot water through plastic pipes routed across the floor. We at Fleifelco offer an integrated underfloor heating package and a guarantee on the entire installation​.

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